Biblical Theological Contours of the Book of Isaiah

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    A biblical-theological investigation of the Book of Isaiah in which the fruits of historical research are seriously and critically incorporated. Being one of the books most quoted in the New Testament it has contributed to a considerable degree to the New Testament view of God as revealing himself in Jesus Christ. In the Early Church the Book of Isaiah, therefore, received the honorary title of being the Fifth Gospel. However, it is clearly not only a book about God’s love, but also about his judgment, which raises questions about the theological coherence of the book as a whole and the mutual relationships among its various themes.
    The intended result of the project is a series of peer-reviewed articles on several theological themes from the Book of Isaiah that are important from a biblical theological perspective and relevant for understanding the contribution of the Book of Isaiah to the Christian Gospel. These articles, to be published in academic journals and in congress volumes of the research group, are meant to clear the way to a monograph on the biblical theological contours of the Book of Isaiah.
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