Paul’s Use of Scripture as a Formative Framework for his Understanding of God’s discriminating Love for Israel and its Hermeneutical Impact

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This project focuses on Paul and the way he is using the Scriptures to undergird his understanding of the Gospel, in full continuation of God’s revelation to the people of Israel. Paul stresses the consequences of the coming of Jesus as the Messiah, opening up the new eschatological era in which Gentiles are entering the covenant with God. At the same time the apostle confesses God’s faithfulness towards his promises to Israel. Both Israel and the Gentiles have a special place in the history of salvation, which Paul illuminates by reading the Scriptures, making use of contemporary exegetical and hermeneutical methods. By tracing back the way Paul uses the traditions of Israel to understand the Scriptures, this exegetical project will shed light on Paul’s view on the close relationship between Jews and Gentiles within the communities he is writing to. As a consequence this will illuminate how God’s lasting love for Israel is to be understood.
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