Sex difference in theological-ethical perspective

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    Talking about two sexes is no longer as obvious as before. Things that seemed obvious are not so sure today. This uncertainty has increased, among other things, because of a strong thinking movement in society that decouples the gender role and also the gender identity from the sex. According to some, gender identity should even be the object of choice. The male-female model is doubted, questioned and contested. In addition, historical scientists argue that speaking of two sexes is a modern invention.
    The uncertainty about speaking about two sexes is also heightened from a completely different angle. This concerns attention to the problems of those who experience friction between their sex and gender identity. In addition to this problem of gender dysphoria, the situation of persons who have both male and female sexual characteristics plays a role.
    Partly on the basis of the problems of intersex, some theologians also argue in favour of letting go of the binary male-female model. Church and theology in the tradition of the Reformation must determine their position.

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