Spiritus Interpres. Hermeneutical implications of the New Testament affirmations about the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit

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    Reading the New Testament one is confronted with radical and fundamental affirmations about the Holy Spirit who discloses men to the truth of God, particularly in the literature attributed to the apostles Paul and John. Understanding the Word of God, getting the right view on Jesus Christ, is not something which one chooses for by oneself, but something one has to receive from above. This understanding is presented as a gift of God’s love, which opens up the mind and hearts of the privileged ones.
    A thorough exegesis of the significant New Testament texts with a number of biblical theological conclusions will be followed by an inventory and discussion of the hermeneutical implications, in particular with regard to present-day (postmodern) academic interpretative theories, indicating which hermeneutical space can be defended for the activity of the Spirit in the interaction with Scripture.
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