The Oracles Against the Nations in the Book of Jeremiah

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    An integral exegesis of the closing section of the book of Jeremiah, the so-called oracles against the nations in chapters 46—51, including chapter 52. Historical, literary, as well as theological questions are at stake, with a special emphasis on the theological value of these prophecies. What is the image of YHWH communicated by these texts? How is the primary emphasis on total divine judgment to be understood, in the light of the Old Testament preaching of divine love?
    This project joins the international Jeremiah research by contributing to (international) conferences, by publishing exegetical and biblical-theological articles on the theology of the book of Jeremiah in academic and professional journals, and specifically by preparing an exegetical volume in the series Historical Commentary of the Old Testament (Peeters, Leuven) and in Commentaar op het Oude Testament (Kok, Kampen).
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