The Vengeance of God in the New Testament

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The Vengeance of God in the New Testament

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This project studies the concept of the vengeance of God in the New Testament in its social and cultural Greco-Roman and Old Testament background. Many readers of the Bible consider the vengeance of God as a stumbling block: how can a God of love and mercy (Ex. 34,6) be a God of vengeance (Ps. 94,1; Luk. 21,22)? How can believers evoke Gods vengeance (Rev. 6,10) and praise God for his executed vengeance (Rev. 19,2), while they are asked to love God and their neighbor (Matth. 22,37-40)? Can Jesus even be called an Avenger (1 Thess. 4,6)?
This project takes up this troubling image and focuses on New Testament texts and its hermeneutical consequences. Old Testament scholarship has provided us with some works on the vengeance of God, but New Testament scholarship lacks such a scholarly work. Hermeneutical studies on the ‘violent’ image of God also tend to focus on troubling images of God in the Old Testament, thereby omitting ‘violent’ images of God in the New Testament. The present study attempts to provide a exegetical-hermeneutical investigation on (the relevance of) the vengeance of God in its contemporary and current context.
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