Petrus Hofstede de Groot: een hervormd dominocraat?

Translated title of the contribution: Was Petrus Hofstede de Groot a Reformed Democrat?

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This article tries to find an answer to the central question whether the Dutch Reformed pastor and professor Petrus Hofstede de Groot (1802-1886) was a dominocrat. Hofstede de Groot was pastor in Ulrum and professor at the university in Groningen. My contribution is an elaboration of the oral book review I held in 2017 at the presentation of Jasper Vree’s book Kerk, huis, school en staat: Leven, werk en vriendenkring van P. Hofstede de Groot (1844-1886). In my article I explain the meaning of ‘dominocrat’ and also ‘Dominocrat’ and explore the synodical acts of the Dutch Reformed Church (Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk) between 1830 (Hofstede de Groot’s first appearance in the general synod as professor) and 1886 (his death), and Hofstede de Groot’s role in synodical meetings. He was indeed a dominocrat. He favored the leadership of the pastors. At the same time, he was a Dominocrat. In his life and in his work, he was focussed on the Dominus, Jesus Christ, for the church (kerk), at home (huis), school and state (staat).
Translated title of the contributionWas Petrus Hofstede de Groot a Reformed Democrat?
Original languageDutch
Pages (from-to)3
Number of pages28
JournalDNK Documentatieblad voor de Nederlandse kerkgeschiedenis na 1800
Issue number92
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2020


  • Petrus Hofstede de Groot
  • dominocracy
  • Dutch Reformed Church
  • Groningen
  • dominocrat
  • general synod


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